Abaca Packaging

Abaca Comes from the name of the Philippine sustainable plant from which many of our products are made.  We love the fact that the products are earth-friendly, have limitless possibilities—and we think you will agree—just plain cool!

Our goals for Abaca Packaging are:

  • Be as green as possible, ensuring the products our customers receive are made with the right materials, the right way, for the right reasons.
  • Be on trend with colors and styles, providing the latest in gift packaging.
  • Offer competitive rates on quality products
  • Encourage our customers ideas and comments on how we may better serve you with our products or with our service.

Here is what some of our customers think about Abaca Packaging :

“Our natural soaps present so nicely in your gift bags.  Thank you for all the options and great customer service.“
Kate Jaeckel, Orchard Farm Soap,orchardfarmsoap.etsy.com

Why Abaca Packaging?

Our products are farmer friendly.
We always love to keep you and your customers on cloud 9 about whatever you give or receive.
We believe and follow Guilt-Free Consumption.
Abaca packaging has a plethora of packaging options for you to choose from.
Abaca Packaging has 50+ years of experience in delivering eco-friendly packaging products to the world.

Contributing to Environmental Wellness since 50 years.
So, whom better to approach than Abaca packaging who envisioned evolution of product packaging many moons ago when most of us were not even born!

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